COCHIN UNIVERSITY LOGO Physical Education Department

Vision & Mission


  1. To create sense of values and social life among students of the University
  2. To inculcate positive thinking for physical and mental health
  3. To coordinate cultural programmes, youth activities and other programmes in the campus and recognized institutes.
  4. To help authorities in framing policies and procedures relating to the students.
  5. To take measures to promote sports activities in the campus.
  6. To conduct research in sports related issues.
  7. To conduct and coordinate sports activities.


  1. Organizing training / orientation programmes / motivation sessions / camps
  2. Conducting bridge and remedial courses
  3. Conducting academic and applied research with relation to young people
  4. Conducting extension / outreach services
  5. Provide advocacy services for students
  6. Facilitate both tangible and intangible welfare programmes and procedures